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“Let food be thy medicine and medicine thy food.”



Gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, food allergies, GERDS, hiatal hernia, halitosis, “Leaky Gut Syndrome”, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Chrohn’s Disease, hyper and hypoglycemia.


Pain migraines, arthritis, sciatica, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, compromised immune system, cardiac problems, coronary artery disease, high cholesterol, goiter, high blood pressure, asthma, air-borne allergies, chemical sensitivities, PMS, reproductive and fertility problems.


Irritability, depression, anxiety, loss of concentration, mental sluggishness and dullness, memory impairment, eye strain, sinusitis, poly-neuritis and neuropathy, pre-mature aging, eczema, psoriasis, auto immune disorders, herpes and fatigue.


It’s difficult to believe that all the health challenges listed above could result from the improper digestion of food, structural misalignment due to nutritional stress, autointoxication and/or the lack of enzymes.  Just because you INGEST something, does not mean you DIGEST it!  And even if you digest it, you may not absorb, utilize or eliminate it.  And if there is a deficiency in any one of these processes, you cannot “let food be thy medicine, or medicine thy food”.  Isn’t it interesting that even back in Hippocrates’ time they knew the importance nutrition played in the maintenance of health.  And yet, with all our medical knowledge, we are now just beginning to once again focus on preventive health care rather than the “sick care” model that has prevailed for so long.  Unfortunately, after penicillin was discovered, we went down the drug path rather than the preventative one.  We forgot that the best way the body maintains health and homeostasis (the physiological equilibrium between structure and function  of the body and all it’s systems)) is by the proper digestion, absorption, utilization and elimination of nutrients.  Poor digestion (indigestion of any type) is the #1 health problem in America!!!   Over eight billion dollars a year are spent on medications and over the counter remedies to treat the wide variety of symptoms produced by indigestion, and yet the suffering goes on.  The problem is that drugs do not treat the cause of the problem, nor are they able to return the body to normal functioning and homeostasis.  They are a “quick fix” that merely retard or suppress symptoms, while the underlying cause continues to get worse.  Even loading the body with healthy vitamins, minerals, supplements and herbs can stress the body even further if it does not have the necessary enzymes to digest and deliver them.  Vitamins and minerals are considered co-enzymes,  as they need to attach themselves to an enzyme molecule in order to be transported where they are needed in the body.  Therefore, if there is an enzyme deficiency, much of their potential benefit can be lost.  Even the effectiveness of prescription medications can be affected by poor digestion and enzyme deficiency.  The reason many people can become toxic taking supplements, is NOT because they are taking too many, but because of their inability to completely digest and eliminate any excess.  This build-up in the system is what causes the toxicity.  This is especially true of synthetic supplements.  The body does not recognize synthetic substances as easily as whole food ones (you can’t fool Mother Nature!) and so has more difficulty breaking them down and eliminating them.  Whole food and herb based supplements are always the best choice for the body and puts the least amount of stress on it. 


Digestion is the most energy consuming process in the body.  And if you are enzyme deficient and eating a cooked diet, it even stresses your immune system by producing what is called “digestive leukocytosis”.  This means cooked food, especially meat, and processed foods stimulates the production of white blood cells so it can use the enzymes from them to aid in digestion.   Processed foods and red meat cause a severe enough increase in leukocytes that it looks like food poisoning under the microscope.  Imagine the daily stress on the immune system if you are not using enzyme supplementation!  Enzymes are usually not necessary if you eat an entirely raw food diet, but most of us don’t.  Heat above 118 degrees kills enzymes and food companies take them out of food to prolong shelf life.  Eating some raw food with each meal is not enough to take the digestive stress off the body.   And it is only by delivering the nutrients to the body in the form and amount it needs, that it can continue to produce energy, repair itself, maintain normal structure, support the immune system and maintain homeostasis.  Once you understand the dynamics involved in the complex system of digestion and nutrition, it becomes the starting point in any healing process. 


Digestion is defined as the breakdown, absorption, transport, utilization and elimination of nutrients.  How your body goes about accomplishing each one of these processes determines how much “nutrition” you receive from what you ingest, and how toxic you are.   Digestive processes can only take place in the presence of enzymes.   Enzymes are biologically “alive” substances that are produced in every cell of the body.  But for the cells to continue doing so, they must have the necessary nutrients to produce the metabolic or systemic enzymes.   Enzymes are not inert catalysts, but rather living forces, and are therefore not destroyed in the chemical reactions they create, but continue to WORK until they are completely used up.  No enzyme is ever wasted and excreted by the body before it has been totally used.  Digestive plant enzymes are not destroyed in the lower stomach by hydrochloric acid, contrary to most medical opinions, but rather inactivated by the acid pH until deposited into the alkaline duodenum of the small intestine where they are reactivated and combine with bile and the pancreatic juices and enzymes to finish digestion. 


There are three major classifications of enzymes:


·        The largest is the metabolic enzymes  (systemic) which play a role in all bodily processes.  A subset of these metabolic enzymes acts to neutralize toxins and carcinogens


·        The second category is the digestive enzymes, of which there are about 22 in number.  Most of these are manufactured by the pancreas and are secreted into the duodenum to help complete digestion.  There is also amylase, protease, and lipase in the saliva to start the digestive process in the stomach.


         The third category is the food enzymes.  These are present in all raw foods and plants.   They can initiate digestion in the upper stomach as they contain proteases for digesting protein, lipases for digesting fats, amylases for digesting carbohydrates, and cellulases for digesting soluble fiber.   Plant enzymes, used as supplemental digestive enzymes, come under this category.   Dr. Loomis’ are grown on aspergillus for later processing into capsules of digestive enzyme powder.  Plant based digestive enzymes work best in the human body because their peak activity is in the range of pH and temperature of the stomach, where pre-digestion of food is important.


Animal enzymes, like pancreatin, do not predigest food in the stomach, as they work only in the small intestine, and therefore, do not spare the digestive stress on the body.  Other enzymes that are often put in formulas are papain and bromelain, whose peak activity levels are reached at temperatures and pH levels higher than the human body.   Another frequent and highly unnecessary enzyme formula ingredient is betaine HCL.  This can help somewhat with protein metabolism in the liver, BUT does not make or increase hydrochloric acid in the stomach, which is what it is touted as doing.  And it will only cause further digestive problems in the long run by leading to a bicarbonate deficiency that then decreases the ability of the pancreatic juices (that also include the enzymes necessary to finish digestion) to alkalize the bowel.  If the bowel remains too acid, not only will the bowel lining become irritated and inflamed, but the digestive enzymes that were deactivated in the lower stomach will not be re-activated. Ox bile, although not an enzyme, is often recommended to improve digestion, but does not help and ends up irritating the mucosal lining of the GI tract. Invertases, carbohydrases,  sucrases, lactases and other types of amylases and proteases (like acid stable protease) are fine and work well.  Another thing to watch for on enzyme labeling is the listing of amounts, activity, etc.  There is NO standardized testing in the USA, so it has NO meaning in comparing the efficacy of one enzyme product to another.   Taking antacids (see article on Loomis website) to address your digestion problems for any length of time will not resolve or heal them and can lead to further complications down the road as regards your acid-base balance.  And taking proton pump inhibitors (those little “purple” pills for excess acid) don’t cure anything either, they only mask the symptoms.  Because their action is to decrease the production of stomach acid (HCL), they cause less pepsinogen to be converted into pepsin.  And since pepsin is what digests protein, your protein digestion is severely compromised and you produce less amino acids, which are the building blocks of the body to repair and heal itself.  It doesn’t seem that masking one problem and creating another is a sound solution.   Enzymes can take care of this without compromising any system and can do this without any side effects to worry about or endure.


Because digestion is a very complex and complicated process, in the interest of providing the average person with a good overview, I will address all of it’s components as simply as possible.



Digestion first starts in the mouth  with the secretion of amylase from the parotid glands, lipase from the sublingual glands and protease from the submandibular glands.   Since enzymes can’t digest what they can’t get to, IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT TO CHEW YOUR FOOD WELL!  Since food is swallowed fairly rapidly, most of the work of these enzymes takes place in the upper stomach.



Food first goes down the esophagus and into the upper, cardiac, or pre-digestive stomach.  It is held there for 30 to 60 minutes while hydrochloric acid (HCL)is being secreted in the lower portion of the stomach.  In younger people, studies have shown that approximately 40 to 60% of starches, 30% of protein and 10% of fats are digested before the HCL lowers the pH of the stomach below 3.  The percentages are much lower in older individuals.  If additional plant enzymes were taken with the meal, it would dramatically increase the percentages of digestion taking place.




Stomach acid (hydrochloric acid = HCL) does NOT digest protein.  It has only two purposes: 1) to convert the pepsinogen secreted by the gastric chief cells into pepsin, which is what digests protein, and 2) to maintain the pH of the stomach at 3 or below so that the pepsin can continue to work.  This is why drinking large amounts of fluid with a meal is not the best idea…but  8oz or so does not interfere with the process.   The plant enzymes are inactivated by the low pH during this phase of digestion.   When the lower stomach  pH drops to 3, the food descends into this portion of the stomach where it is mixed with the gastric juices and pepsin,  and is rendered into chyme.  If the meal is larger than normal and more than what the pepsin can digest, the stomach secretes more HCL to activate more pepsin and this can result in the “excess acid” that produces heartburn.    “Excess acid” is really a misnomer.  It is only the body’s normal response to overeating.   Another reason for heartburn is a compromised mucousal lining.  If it has been thinned or eliminated by stress, the HCL with a pH of 3  will make your stomach burn.   Hiatal hernia can be another complication of indigestion.   If you overeat and carry extra weight around your mid-section, it pushes on an overly full stomach that is already pushing up against the diaphragm.  This weakens and enlarges the hole where the esophagus passes through the diaphragm.  The enlarged hole allows the top of the stomach to push up through it causing severe discomfort or pain.  It also allows the acid to push past the cardiac valve of the stomach and up into the lower esophagus.   Aside from the heartburn this causes, it can also cause what’s known as Barrett’s Esophagus, a per-cancerous condition.




As digestion turns the food into chyme, it drips out of the pyloric valve of the stomach and into the duodenum.  The acidity of the chyme stimulates the release of the hormones secretin and cholecystikinin.  These two hormones signal the pancreas and gallbladder to release bile in order to degrease the remaining fats, and pancreatic enzymes in the amount and kind necessary to finish digestion along with pancreatic juices to alkalize the bowel.  Once the bowel is alkalized, the deactivated enzymes now become active.  As the food winds it way down the small intestine, it is broken down into bio-available nutrients that are absorbed through the gut wall.  However, if there are insufficient enzymes to break down all the food particles, these undigested molecules of food irritate the lining of the gut wall, making it permeable, thus allowing toxins and undigested food molecules to escape through it.  The micro-flora in the small intestine also feed on the undigested food molecules, and they excrete toxic wastes that also irritate the gut wall and pass through it.  This is often referred to as “Leaky Gut Syndrome”.  These toxins and undigested food molecules that circulate through the lymphatics and blood and are known as CIC’s (circulating immune complexes).   They are recycled by the liver, returned to the blood and excreted by the kidneys.  But if they can’t be completely excreted by the kidneys, they are returned to the blood where they are carried throughout the body and eventually deposited in places they shouldn’t be, causing more health challenges down the road.   This same scenario also takes place in the large intestine and, if not rectified, the cycle repeats daily.




No digestion or absorption of nutrients takes place in the colon.  Its main function is to reabsorb water and salts as the liquid feces move down to the sigmoid colon where it will be stored until it is eliminated.   Any undigested food not eaten by the micro-flora and excreted as toxic wastes, putrefies, also becomes toxic, irritates the lining of the colon and lets the toxins pass through the gut wall.  The bowel can produce up to 38 different toxins.   So between the excreted wastes of the micro- flora and the toxins from the putrefied food, it sets up a condition in the bowel of intestinal toxemia or autointoxication, often referred to as INDICANURIA.   If there is no elimination once or twice a day, and the toxic feces is allowed to just sit in the colon, you can begin to understand why we get toxic and colon cancer is so prevalent.   It has been known for many decades that INDICANURIA  can produce the following:


Dermatoses    Eczema    Psoriasis    Mal-assimilation & weight loss

Disease of middle & internal ear      Eye Strain      Diseases of nasal accessory sinuses

Breast pathology    Eclampsia    Thyroid goiter

Arthritis    Low back pain & sciatica    Fibromyalgia & myofascitis

Depression & melancholia     Epilepsy   Excessive worry    In-coordination    Senility

Lack of confidence    Memory loss &concentration    Mental sluggishness & dullness   Schizophrenia

Tachycardia    Arrythmias     Migraines

Gas & bloating    Constipation    Diarrhea    Crohn’s disease    Food allergies

Foul stool odor    Gastritis    Heartburn    Inflammatory bowel disease   

Food allergies    Ileocecal valve problems    Hiatal Hernia

Halitosis     Body odor     Asthma


So you can see how important proper digestion is to every cell, organ and body system in the maintenance of homeostasis and the prevention of dis-ease.  Providing the body with the proper nutrients and the enzymes needed to make them bio-available, gives the body what it needs to heal itself under most any circumstance.  So aside from eating a balanced raw food diet, what can you do to support proper digestion?  And what if you are already experiencing digestive and health challenges?  The Loomis program of Visero-Somatic Stress Management may have the answer for you.  It has helped thousands across America take back their life and health, sometimes having almost miraculous results.


 Dr Howard Loomis is the leading national authority on Visero-Somatic Stress Management and clinical enzyme replacement therapy.  His research takes over where Dr. Edward Howell’s, nationally known as the “Father of Enzymes”, leaves off.  Dr. Howell’s work on enzymes in the 30’s and 40’s was essential to understanding how enzymes were a determining factor in health, illness and longevity.  There is a wonderful interview by Dr. Howell that everyone should read (see the link at the bottom of the page).    Dr. Loomis has researched and successfully used enzymes in his clinical practice for over 25 years.   Besides being an advanced chiropractor, he has a degree in biochemistry.  All of Dr. Loomis’ formulations are developed by him and then field tested before he allows his practitioners to use them with clients.  Nothing is developed in the “library”, like so much you find on the health food store shelves.  He also uses whole herbs in his formulations, as taking out the active ingredient in them loses the important synergistic effect of the herb. The whole herbs used in many of his formulations are there, along with the necessary enzymes to break them down and deliver them, to nutritionally support the identified organs, systems or tissues under stress, and are put together in specific combinations, to enhance their synergistic nutritional effect. And if you are concerned about allergic reactions to any of his products, no need to worry, as he puts the needed enzymes in each product necessary to break it down and deliver it.  Allergies are merely reactions to substances the body cannot breakdown and then sees as a foreign invader to be attacked.  So you can feel safe using his products.   During his years of clinical studies and application, he developed a program that is individually tailored to each persons specific needs.  There is NO one size fits all, just as there is no “normal” or “average”.  The  Loomis program of Viscero-Somatic Stress Managementconsists of the following:


Digestive Health and Dietary Analysis

Includes a history and brief physical exam, a visero-somatic stress point exam, an in depth structural exam, a nutritional consultation and a signs and symptoms questionnaire related to enzyme deficiencies, inabilities to digest protein, fats, carbohydrates  and fiber, and structural-functional symptoms..


Specialized 24 hr Urinalysis and Interpretation

A 24hr collection that is sent to a specialized research lab to evaluate what the body is throwing off and what it is holding onto in order to maintain homeostasis.  Besides the routine UA that is done at a hospital, the other components of the UA identifies the level of Indicanuria ( bowel toxicity), what the body can’t digest (protein, fats, carbs), calcium mineralization, pH balance, chloride and Vit C levels, kidney function, water regulation and cellular dehydration, catabolism and specific endocrine, hormonal and organ stressors and deficits.


Nutritional Counseling and Follow-Up

Review of the client’s results with recommendations for dietary and structural modification and their specific nutritional and enzyme needs.  Dr. Loomis has more than just digestive enzymes.  He has multiple organ system supports (eg. adrenal, cardiac, respiratory, thyroid, vascular, irritable bowel, hormonal etc.) as well as, those needed for proper elimination and detoxification of the bowel.  He also has some that target trauma, inflammation and the immune system.  The need for periodic follow-up and repeat 24hr UA’s will be determined by the acuity of the client’s health challenges and their willingness to follow through with recommendations.


Challenge Test

Because there is no separating structure and function, this is an extremely important part of the program.  How your body functions in a fasting mode can be completely different from how it functions after eating.  And this includes what happens to it structurally.  The changes can be so dramatic as to look like the results of two different people.  And it’s all a result of what stresses it and where.   The only way to get a clear picture of this is by doing this test.  It starts with a  fasting exam of the structural components and a palpatory exam of the viscero-somatic stress points followed by the ingestion of  “Challenge” powder consisting of a balanced formula of protein, fats and carbs , and then the re-testing of the structural components and the V-S stress  points after 45 minutes to identify gland, organ and body system malnutrition stress.  Although not absolutely necessary to the program, because it is very beneficial in pinpointing the individual’s physiology of stress and digestion, it is highly recommended and absolutely essential to do if someone is very ill or not responding adequately to the program recommendations.. 


Blood Chemistries

Although not a necessity to the program's success, a standard SMAC profile, CBC, and C-reactive protein can provide further information to pinpoint deficiencies, even if the blood test results are within normal limits.   Some of the other things that enzymes can do are repair injured tissue (even from over exercising), assist in faster recovery times from surgery or injury, reduce swelling, pain and inflammation, support the immune system, digest excess cholesterol and triglycerides, keep blood clots from forming, digest blood clots and bruising, regulate blood sugar, balance the micro-flora in the bowel, eliminate toxins and yeast, assist in stabilizing the body’s acid-base balance, assist in clearer thinking and better memory, help balance the endocrine, hormonal and autonomic nervous system, regulate fluid balance, decrease fatigue and supply the body with energy.  All of this lends itself to longevity.  So you can see just how important enzymes are to health and well-being.


As co-creator in the health care of my clients, I always encourage them to research the information I provide, rather than just take my word for it.  Therefore, I have provided you with titles of the best books with correct information (not all the information out there on enzymes is correct as you may have begun to realize) and links to Dr. Loomis’ websites.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at any of the numbers given at the bottom of the home page.   If I don’t answer, leave a message and I’ll get back to you  ASAP.  You may also call these numbers to set up an appointment.  Should anyone be interested, this program can be done long distance.


Although these are not MY products, they are ones I think you at least need to know about, so please check them out at the following site:


These products (2) are on Fred Kaufman’s website.   I know him personally and he is an amazing man and extremely knowledgeable.   I have been using both his products for 7 years.   If you have been looking for a way to alkalize and purify your water without having to buy an expensive ionizer/alkalizer, then his products are for you.   In liquid and sachet form, they can be used anywhere and are easily transported in a pocket or purse. Check them out at .  You won’t be sorry.  And take time to read his information, gathered from various sources, even physician’s.  It’s invaluable!



Helpful Links:    Click on  RESOURCES  & then  ARTICLES.  He has 10 short articles on digestion, enzymes and common health problems created by indigestion. They are well worth printing out and reading.  EVERYONE should know the information contained in them!    Click on   EDUCATION  and then  MEDIA.  There you will find an interview with Dr. Loomis at the top of the page,  and towards the bottom two DVD’s about enzymes and the program that are very informative and well worth your time.  And for women 35 and older, the interview at the top of the page called “Enzymes, Menopause and You”.   is a MUST!!!

This is the link to Dr. Edward Howell’s interview…so worth reading.  There are many other sites that also carry it…just type in any search engine  “Dr. Edward Howell’s Interview.”




Enzymes, the Key to Health     Dr. Howard Loomis, Jr

Food Enzymes for Health and Longevity   Dr. Howard Loomis, Jr

Enzyme Nutrition:  The Food Enzyme Concept   Dr. Edward Howell

The Enzyme Cure     Dr. Lita Lee

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